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Updated 21/10/23 - scraped my zine article from yesterweb in case it vanishes :)
About Me

Hello and welcome to my home page! Thanks a lot for visiting :) Here are some of my details:

  • Name: Fiona Ruthbo (fruthbo)
  • Age: 34
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Gender: Trans woman, binary to spare
  • Sexuality: Big lesbo, polyam & partnered
  • Politics: shed full of fertiliser
  • Literally useless degree: Broadcast Production BA(hons) and too poor to do masters
  • Languages: Scots, English (╥﹏╥), learnin German & Gaidhlig
  • Nationality: Scots

Radio production, amateur radio (MM7FIR), electronics, retro electronics repair, digital art, glitch art, pixel art, lino cuts, printmaking, zines, html, css, javascript, python, c#, history, house plants, ttrpgs, classic traveller, d&d, ferries

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