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This page is an attempt to recreate from memory my geocities website from the year 2000. I was ten years old and I was only just really starting to understand the web - we had had the internet for a few years by that point - my email address (which I still use!!) was registered in 1997, but my dad got a work laptop which gave me access without an adult showing me what to click, etc. It cost a fortune to dial in during the day so I was only to use it after a certain time - I'm pretty sure we also had some kind of AOL arrangement too which gave you cheaper calls at night. I would be sent to bed at 9pm, but my dad understood the value of me Getting Good At Computers so he let me run a phone line from the hall into the bedroom, up into my bunk where I would sit on the laptop for an hour or so in bed and work on my website. I remember really clearly that I would have to sit at the wrong end of the bed so the cable would reach. Geocities made you name your website/account before you could get started and I was totally paralysed - I was sure this was going to me my entire online identity for the rest of my life so I wanted to get it right!! I called it "hollow blanket" because I gave up and couldn't think of anything - it came from the fact I had to sit the laptop on my knees on a crocheted blanket my gran had made for me.

I don't remember a huge amount about what was actually on the home page, although I know I had this background and that I used the above animated border. Both were defaults in the geocities WYSIWYG editor - I made the start of my website in that before butting up against the limitations and having to learn a bit of html. I'm certain I had some sort of problem with the background and had to "fix" it by having a background colour behind it - this colour here is, again, one of the geocities defaults and I'm pretty sure it's the exact one I used. I thought I was a proper hacker genius for that move. I defo had two gifs up the top really similar to those two. The only other content I can remember was that I had a stomach churningly embarrassing section called "GREAT COMEBACKS" which was a list of things I thought it would be so cool if I said to my bullies. I remember they were all really wordy and just so, so cringey. A year later when I started high school some boys in my regey class came in one day and READ OUT my comebacks to me which was an INTENSELY humbling experience, although I remember playing it off like I was dead cool and funny. The other thing I remember on the homepage was a list of my friends and some kind of lame-o in joke remark about each of them. I remember thinking that being listed in someone's website roll of honour like that would be the greatest acolade achievable. Honestly I still think that.

My Best Friends
Kathleen Can you play your clarinet a little bit LOUDER???????(-:
Sadie Yeah I'd like a MOME too please... eh???
Ryan computer god ò_ô
Angus he ain't heavy he's my brother
(I did not know what this quote was from)
Nicola England????? (ㆆ _ ㆆ)

The dreaded return of...

The Hollow Blanket
Genius Brain Comeback Zone!!!!

(this is honestly about how I remember it)

If someone says...

You're a stupid pig

You can say...

Thank you for the compliment because actually pigs are very intelligent

giant brain intellectual mode

If someone says...

You're ugly

You can say...

You're quite good looking . . . underground, in a cave, with the lights out, wearing sunglasses

I said that one in real life once and I want to be sick thinking about it

If someone says...

Your website is crap

You can say...

shut up fannybaws or I'll jump on your heid like a bus runnin over a crisp poke

that one I made up right now

Okay I think that's probably it for now - there were a few other wee things I remember, plus a really cursed page I added when I wanted to look cool and edgy. I'll probably add those another day. Thanks for visiting, and if you have any thoughts send me a message on mastodon or whatever! This was really fun to make and if you had a web presence back in prehistory I encourage you to do this too. Bye!!!

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