Fiona Ruthbo's "fun" Trans Time Tracker
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💉Average delivery time for DIY HRT to the UK - 15 days
💸Waiting time for my first £250 private appointment with YourGP - 33 days
🏥Maximum waiting time permitted by the Patient Rights Act (Scotland) 2011 - 84 days
🕹My total played time on steam - 164 days
🛢First Gulf War - days
👶Average gestational period of a human being - 280 days
🔴One Martian year - 687 days
🏫Standard Scottish Higher National Diploma - 730 days
🌝Average time between blue moons - 990 days
☣Length of Covid-19 public health emergency per WHO - days
👩‍🎓Standard Scottish Honours Degree - 1460 days
🍔The American Civil War - days
⭐Time it takes light to travel from Proxima Centauri to Earth - 1549 days
🌍World War 1 - days
💀Minimum possible wait time assuming sandyford trend remains flat (very unlikely) - 1590 days
🚲Average time needed to cycle to the moon and back - 1601 days
🙃My Sandyford wait so far - days and counting!
🐛Time needed for a Paratarsotomus macropalpis to travel from John O' Groats to Lands End - 1759 days.
🏫Average age of child starting school in Scotland - 1826 days
🚩Russian Civil War - 2047 days